Spring 2022

Message from the WM: Truth cont.

Last trestleboard I delved into the relationship between Geometry and Truth. In summary - Geometry (amongst other things) is a mathematical process for proving something is True. Is that the allegory behind the masonic symbol of Euclid's 47th proposition? This trestleboard I want to continue on the theme of Truth.

Are You Building a True Temple?

I find it interesting how one of the usages of the word "true" is used in context of building and construction:

In construction, “true” is about everything being lined up correctly. Your lines should be perfectly vertical (plumb) and horizontal (level), and your corners should be exactly 90 degrees (square).

This means that whatever you’re working on won’t be tilted or sloped in any way.

Every element of your orientation must be exact. Nothing should lean in any direction. If just one corner or one line of what you’re building isn’t straight, then what you’re doing won’t be true.

E.g. a door or window can be installed perfectly LEVEL, PLUMB & SQUARE on one side, but if the other side’s aren’t LEVEL, PLUMB & SQUARE, the unit will not be TRUE and will create problems.

Truth vs. Facts in our Word

One can tell you facts in a way that purposefully misleads you. The plumb should be our measure of integrity around the way use facts. To be True in our word, our words need to have both integrity and factualness. Try this - watch/read a news article from one source, then read the same from another. Both may tell the same facts, but the authors may have built a narrative around these facts to lead us down a path of thought.

Mean What You Say - Being True to Your Word

Here is an exercise/habit that you can start building if you so choose - mean what you say. Catch yourself before you say things you don't mean like "I'll call you tomorrow" when you have no intention of doing so. In the book Lying referenced below, the author gives you many better phrases and tactics to use to avoid telling these "white lies".

I've had an interesting few months reading up about Truth and Your Word as Law. Here are some books that I can recommend if you wanted to dive deeper.

Truth: How the Many Sides to Every Story Shape Our Reality - Macdonald, Hector

Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are - Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

Lying - Sam Harris

The Four Agreements - Miguel Ruiz (The first agreement is to be impeccable with your word.)

Infinite Self - 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power - Stuart Wilde (Step 12 is Your Word as Law.)

There were others, but they could be perceived as having a political leaning so I have left off this list but happy to share if anyone is interested.

May the God of Love and Peace delight to dwell with you and bless you. Good luck on your quest for more truth in your life!

Ron Quartel
WM Kirkland #150

A Message From the West

Our SW B Rod Beacham has wages to pay from the West!

Many thanks for such selfless participation lately. Although our recent degrees were not in our convenient Kirkland Lodge location, still our brothers showed up at Myrtle Lodge on March 28th to help raise Aric Taylor to the sublime degree of Master Mason and a week and a half later, appeared again at Dean L. Quigley Lodge on April 7th to receive AH into our order as an Entered Apprentice Mason. Way to go! This is what our Lodge is all about . . . brothers helping brothers. Congratulations to our newly obligated brothers. The journey is best when shared and we are honored to welcome you into our Lodge of cheerful brothers.

Upcoming Events

April Stated Meeting - Thursday 13th 6:30pm (Table lodge / festive board)

This will be an experiment in a different lodge meeting format and the meal will be part of the meeting.

In solidarity and honor of our brothers that observe Ramadan, a festive board will be served at sunset at 8pm. Some snacks will be available at 6:30 pm for any brothers arriving early. To accommodate this meal time, we will be switching the format of the lodge for April to a table lodge. Lodge will open at 7:30, then we will go to refreshment and education at 8pm.

May Stated Meeting - Thursday 11th 6:30pm

Plan is to have Mexican food for the month of Cinco de Mayo

June Stated Meeting - Thursday 16th 6:30pm (Third Thursday of the month in June only)

Following our tradition of having a grill and casual clothing (Hawaiian Shirts)

St John's Day - Friday June 24th

All events will be listed on the calendar page. Scroll past the Google calendar on that web page to see a list of events by month.